The Lie That Every Liberal Likes To Tell About Voters



    The vote to stop the Democrats from destroying the filibuster was a massive victory for freedom and the integrity of the American voting process. The liberal left wanted to tear down the one they used to grab hold of when the Republicans held the Senate. But now, they see it as a hurdle in their conquest for domination of the country. Their attempt to subdue the country is blatantly before them, and they are blind to the fact that the people are telling them to back off.

    But the Republicans and two of the Democrats voted against the filibuster removal. The Democrats want to remove the barrier to pass what they are calling voter reform. The big lie they are telling the people is that all conservative election laws are oppressive and keep people from voting. But the truth is that they want to institute measures that will allow them to nullify all votes because they intend on cheating and committing fraud within the system to get what they want.

    The liberals want people to believe that minorities are not allowed to vote. They believe that showing identification to prove one’s identity keeps people from voting. But the truth is that the liberals want illegals to be able to vote without having to prove they are legal voters.

    All Americans have the right to vote in elections if they are legal residents. The notion that people are being kept from voting is nothing but a big lie being promoted by the liberals. They want to take the country back to when women were not allowed to vote. It is the same old story of oppression and suppression. But the truth is that the country is not in those darks days but has risen to the point where everyone can vote.

    Rand Paul noted how absurd what the Democrats are saying about things. He noted that “[They] want to change the law so people don’t have to show identification to vote by mail so they can harvest the ballots of Democrats at the expense of the rest of the public. It’s all about power politics, and it’s shameless.”

    The Democrats want to put any person in any position that they want to by being able to flood the ballot box with illegal and fake ballots. It is the very thing they did during the 2020 presidential election with Joe Biden.

    The president likes to stir up discord with people so his people can try to make their case regarding voter suppression. No law or barrier keeps people from voting in America. They need to show their identification. They must be able to prove that they are legal citizens.

    Paul pointed out something the media or the liberals would never report about: the massive voter turnout in the past elections. He stated, “They found that African-Americans voted in a percentage equal to [that of] whites or higher than whites in Alabama, Mississippi, or South Carolina. In 2020 more people voted than have ever voted as far as a percentage of our population, so everything they’re saying is a lie.”

    And that is not the only thing that the Democrats are lying about. When Donald Trump was president and the Senate was controlled by the Republicans, the Democrats would have died to hold onto the filibuster. And the fact that they want to get rid of it now to pass voter reform that would allow them to cheat at elections is horrible. They do not care about the people because all they want is money and power.

    The Democrats will stop at nothing to get what they want. They know that their time is concise because the House will fall back into Republican control. And the consequences of their demonic actions will be a loss of seats in the very chamber they think they control. And once that happens, all the hopes and dreams that the liberals have for America will dry up because they are going to have to come and face the voters. The country is not as dumb as the liberals think they are.