Students Freeze As Fearful Liberals Put Them in Isolation for Not Wearing a Mask


    The mask mandates in liberal school districts have created an environment similar to the age of slavery. And age when people of color were forbidden to attend classes or ride the same bus as others. But this is the reality that the Democrats need to continue to push their divisive agenda on people. And now that they have divided America, they can sit back and watch what happens to the mistreated few for not wearing a mask.

    Students in Oakdale, California, are tired of the mask mandates. They are tired of being told that they cannot attend school without the mask. And if they even dare to show up for classes, they will be segregated out and treated as an infectious disease.

    The school district of Oakdale, California, took the students that refused to wear a mask and locked them in an unheated gym to punish them for refusing to wear a mask. The school leaders barricaded the students in the cold gym and then called the parents to come and pick them up.

    It was them that Jennifer Poth, a mother of an 8-year-old, told the school that they were in the wrong. Poth stated that “They called me to ask me to pick him up, and I refused. I said, ‘No. It is your job to educate my son, and he has every right to be there.’” The school retaliated and put the small child out in the 43-degree weather and was told to do his homework.

    Dave Kline is the satanic superintendent of the school district, and he acted like it was a big joke. He reportedly stated that “That was a mistake. That was a miscalculation, and I took responsibility for that. I apologize to both parents that that took place. In any other world, the person responsible for leaving the child in the cold would have been arrested on child endangerment charges. That is not how we want to treat our students. We still want to be respectful.”

    The abusive man could only apologize because he was discovered to be at fault. There is not a parent alive that can trust that man with their child. He grits his teeth when he points out that the school has to follow the state mandate, which is enforceable by law. But to take matters into his own hands and put a child’s life in danger is playing a part that he cannot play.

    RedState reported that when other students showed up without masks, the “schools found somewhere indoors for maskless students, like a cafeteria or a gym, where they could independently do their schoolwork. Kline said it is a collection of students in different grades and classes, so they are not with their teacher although they are supervised.”

    Kline lied when he asserted that the state mandate was enforceable by law. No person can be arrested or charged for not wearing a mask. The enforcement is left up to each entity where masks are required. But they cannot violate the law to enforce an illegal mandate issued by a socialist dictator that cannot even obey the mandate himself.

    The school district is also toying with not letting students graduate or participate in sports if they do not mask up to their little faces. The illegal mandate is only showing the true colors of liberals.

    The heat was only turned on when the police arrived. Kline activated the heat only to keep himself from getting into trouble. Later on, it was reported that Kline took many students and locked them up in the cold.

    Kline treated the students like animals because he did not want to lose money from the state. Democrats love money and will do anything to any person to secure for themselves a few extra dollars. Gavin Newsom has dictated that any school not complying will lose money for the year. Kline put the mighty dollar above the students under his care.