NBC Sports Reporter Tired of the Left Slant; Defects to “Start Giving Back”

    Postmodern Studio/shutterstock.com

    Michele Tafoya shocked the journalism world when she suddenly left NBC Sports. The notoriously woke organization has a storied reputation in providing left-slanted coverage for some of the biggest sporting events across the globe. Their uncanny ability to make anything racially motivated or sexist has precise timing that many other networks aspire to achieve.

    To better explain her departure Tafoya did a guest spot with Fox News’s Tucker Carlson. During this interview, she outlined what was important to her, and how that made her decision for her. “It’s been on my mind for quite a while. I’ve been waking up every day with a palpable pull at my gut. That my side, my view, my middle ground, kind of moderate viewpoint is not being represented to the rest of the world, I didn’t feel. And so, rather than, you know, just banging it out on Twitter or Instagram every day, I thought, I’ve got to do something. I have benefited greatly from the American dream. And I feel like for the sake of my kids, and because I so love this country, I’ve got to start giving back.”

    This idea of leaving to be a part of the solution rather than a part of the problem is something America needs more of. Tafoya has chosen the hard right over the easy wrong. For many, the idea of living a lie or pushing a narrative they don’t fully believe in just so they can live their dream is an easy decision. For Tafoya, this has been a slow transition. After starting off covering college games on the AM radio, she has worked her way up and had appearances on ESPN, ABC, and NBC just to name a few.

    Her arrival to NBC for the 2011 Sunday Night Football season is significant as her appearance as a sideline reporter coincided with a big change in the narrative for politics. Things had begun to shift under President Obama. People had become more aware of racial discrepancies that were always just under the surface. It was also the first season for Colin Kaepernick who brought a huge spotlight to the NFL and their historic lack of racial sensitivity. While many of his points were over-exaggerated and highly debated, it was Tefoya who gave his cause a lot of attention.

    Just before her departure, Tafoya had made an appearance on The View, where her views made many question if her statements had been the real reason, she left NBC. “My kids in school, there is a big, big focus on the color of your skin. My children are now 16 and 13. It’s been going on since they were in lower school. And it is that there are affinity groups on campus for — my son’s first best friend was a little African American boy, they were inseparable, get to a certain age, they start having what’s called an affinity group, which means you go for lunch and pizza with people who look like you. Suddenly, my son wasn’t hanging out with him anymore. Why are we even teaching that the color of the skin matters? Because to me, what matters is your character and your values.”

    This statement ignited a firestorm about her perspective on race. Never mind the fact that she directly said nothing wrong, the woke left masses took it as her saying there is a problem with black people hanging with black people and other asinine inferences. These same groups that are arguing for more equality, and more minority opportunities to make things ‘fair’ are the same ones calling for separatist organizations that are solely focused on the problems and viewpoints of minorities. Unfortunately for them, this isn’t something that goes both ways, and at some point, in time the harsh reality will catch up with them. Perhaps Tafoya’s statement is just the start of this difficult lesson?