Marco Rubio Asked About Potential Ivanka Trump Senate Challenge: ‘I Never Heard Her Say That’


    Fox News anchor Neil Cavuto asked Republican Florida Sen. Marco Rubio about a potential Senate challenge from Ivanka Trump in 2022 during Tuesday afternoon’s “Your World.”

    A January 15 report from Politico on the potential political future of former President Donald Trump’s family members includes rumors that some Trump allies are considering the possibility of an Ivanka Trump primary challenge to Rubio in two years.

    “I like Ivanka Trump very much,” the Florida senator told Cavuto when asked about the rumor. “We work together very well. I never heard her say that.”

    “Bottom line is that she’s a resident of Florida,” he continued. “Any resident of Florida who is 30 years of age can run to be the Republican nominee, can run to be the U.S. Senator as an independent or a Democrat … None of us are entitled to run unopposed. People have a right to run against you.”

    The Florida senator anticipated a “tough” Senate race regardless of who the challenger is.

    “They’re always tough races,” Rubio said. “I’ve known that.”

    Ivanka Trump has not spoken publicly about the rumors, and Republican Florida Sen. Rick Scott, chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC), has made it clear that he intends to openly support incumbents in 2022, including Rubio.