Madison Cawthorn Responds To Critics Who Say He Is Too Young To Be In Office


    North Carolina Congressman-elect Madison Cawthorn responded to critics who say he’s too young to be in office at 25 years old during an interview with the Daily Caller.

    “When they say, you know, you need to wait your turn, or wait in line, pay your dues. I often times will look around the room and say, ‘Who the hell are we in line behind,’ because whoever we’re in line behind is not doing a very good job,” the Republican said.

    Cawthorn also discussed how he doesn’t plan on staying in office for the rest of his life.

    “I don’t cherish the idea of having to raise children in this political atmosphere, and so, you know, I definitely want to at some point to get out of congress, come back home, you know, continue to run successful businesses,” Cawthorn said.

    Watch the full video to see what Cawthorn has to say about North Carolina almost tipping blue in November.