Liberal School District Taught Major Lesson About Freedom of Speech


    By Christopher Penler/

    Byron Tanner Cross is the teacher on leave because he took a stand for what he believed was correct concerning a liberal rule being passed at the school he worked. Cross stood against the Loudon County School Board’s Policy 8040, which was set to force all staff and teachers to weed out any language that would make a child uncomfortable for the gender type they selected to be any given day of the week.

    Cross objected to the rule and stated that he would not endorse such ridiculous ideology and pandering because it violates his religious beliefs. He could not condone calling a man a woman when that is not his gender from the start of his life. The very next day, he was put on leave, and that is when the battle for the right to speak up would begin.

    The Alliance Defending Freedom would come alongside Cross as he sued the school district, leading to the court set up an injunction that allowed Cross to return to work. The school district and ADF are now locked in a battle over what constitutes freedom of speech.

    RedState has reported that the Loudoun County School Board has made a lot of such errors. The news source reported that “From two sexual assaults no doubt spawned from that very transgender policy to the County’s cover-up of said assaults, to the father of the first girl assaulted being targeted, maligned, and arrested, to the board implementing more invasive policies and curriculum surrounding sex and gender, the RedState team has documented the lot of them. And no doubt, there will be more to come.”

    The school board is battered and choked up over the losses that they are suffering. The more parents and teachers stand for freedom, the weaker the board has become. They have finally admitted that they are in error and have come to agree on a settlement.

    Crosses victory is being praised all around the country. It has set a precedent that will not be easy to get around when it comes to people speaking their minds and practicing what they believe to be correct. Cross was not the only teacher to have issues with the policy, but he was the one leading the fight.

    Cross noted that “Just today, the court issued a final order permanently prohibiting the Loudoun County Public School Board from punishing me for freely expressing my views. I can now confidently continue teaching at Leesburg Elementary School without fear of punishment for expressing my views.”

    The school board is controlled by a bunch of fearful liberals that are just looking for another way to target Cross for his victory. No doubt that they will try and find another way to dismiss him from his position. The federal Democrats hated their loss to Donald Trump in 2016, and they would focus on getting him removed for the next four years. The passion for revenge runs deep in the Democratic line.

    Teachers were to be ground through a series of transgender etiquette to learn how to cater to students who wanted to play house in the school. The liberals want to let students engage in damaging behaviors instead of guiding them into adulthood and teaching them how to be American/.

    The court’s decision forces the school board to erase any negative marks on Cross’s record. He is not to show a suspension or any other reprimand for his desire to stand for what he believed was correct. The school district will also have to pay for the man’s court fees and legal fees. All because they tried to force a man to give up his right to live out his convictions.

    The Democrats under the leadership of Joe Biden have come to wear black eyes very well. Each time the Democrats are pulled into court, they are handed a loss and told they are violating constitutional freedoms. The actions being taken by the liberals are the reasons why the red wave is beginning to sweep across the country and remove the trash from liberal strongholds.