Joe Biden’s Brother Used Presidential Inauguration To Promote Law Firm


    Frank Biden, one of President Joe Biden’s two brothers, used the presidential inauguration as the centerpiece of an advertisement promoting his law firm.

    Frank is a senior advisor in charge of government relations at the Berman Law Group, a firm located in Boca Raton, Florida. He joined the firm in 2018, according to Florida Politics.

    The ad includes a photograph of Frank Biden, along with quotes outlining his life and his relationship with the White House, according to CNBC. Frank denied using Joe’s name to gain business for the firm. “I have never used my brother to obtain clients for my firm. Our firm has long been involved [with] this lawsuit. Social justice is something I have been involved in for years,” he told CNBC.

    The advertisement ran in connection with a lawsuit demanding that Florida sugar farmers stop doing controlled burns in their fields, according to Florida Politics. The firm alleges that the fires are causing respiratory problems for nearby residents.

    The Biden family has allegedly used Joe Biden’s influence as senator, vice president and now president for financial gain for years. Joe’s son Hunter Biden was compensated millions of dollars for sitting on the board of the Ukrainian energy company Burisma, despite his lack of special knowledge in Eastern European energy markets. Instead, Hunter was hired to protect the company, a former Ukrainian Parliament member said.

    Hunter also allegedly teamed up with his uncle James Biden, Joe’s other brother, to work out a business agreement with a Chinese energy company. They pointed to Joe Biden’s strong relationship with the president of Colombia as a reason to do the deal. “The relationship between Colombian president Juan Manuel Santos and Joe Biden has been a strong one throughout the Obama administration,” one document in their presentation read.