Is Nikki Haley Just Another Mitt Romney?


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    Charlotte, NC — While looking through coverage of the CPAC event on various media outlets across the internet, I came across the response of Nikki Haley to Trump’s CPAC speech. If you recall, Haley was really critical of President Trump just a few weeks ago.

    In fact, she said that President Trump had let “us” down, referring to all those who followed and supported him. In her comments to Politico, she continued by saying he went down a path that he should not have went down and that no one should have followed him. She went as far as to say that Trump was out of the picture for the Republican Party.

    That was until she heard Trump’s CPAC speech. She quickly realized, as many other establishment Republicans will, that President Trump is still clearly in control of the party.

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    Strong speech by President Trump about the winning policies of his administration and what the party needs to unite behind moving forward. The liberal media wants a GOP civil war. Not gonna happen.

    Haley wanted to join in on the celebration after Trump’s comments and try to accuse the liberal media of wanting a GOP civil war. She also needs to keep in mind that she is the one that attempted to run in the other direction and she is the one that threw President Trump under that proverbial bus so to speak.

    Her actions and her comments remind me of another Republican that wanted to act like they were part of the conservative movement, even winning the trust of the party to be the nominee for president in 2012. But we all quickly learned that Mitt Romney is just another fake conservative.

    As I thought through this article, a friend quickly reminded me of some comments that Romney had made back in 2012. Speaking at CPAC in 2012, Romney referred to himself as “severely conservative.” Actions speak louder than words and we have all seen the side of Mitt Romney where he is anything other than conservative.

    Flash forward to 2021 and it seems we have a similar situation on our hands. Haley, who was a big part of the first two years of Trump’s administration, now wants us to believe that she is a Trump supporter and pro-conservatism. Except her statements to Politico tell a completely different story.

    It sounds like Nikki Haley is just another Mitt Romney. It sounds like Nikki Haley is just another “Republican” that wants to ride the coattails of President Trump while attempting to keep from getting her shoes dirty and working for conservative values.

    The conservative cause is not simply one that you pick up and carry when it is convenient. Haley was once thought to be a frontrunner for a potential running mate to Trump or even for the presidency herself in 2024. In the CPAC straw poll, Haley was unable to garner over 3% in the poll both with and without President Trump.

    Haley’s move was simply to try and win back the favor of those Trump supporters who she knows dominate the party. She has political aspirations and if conservatives are paying attention, they will send her a clear message. She deserves no support from any conservatives until she proves herself once again for what she has done. This simple praise of Trump is not going to cut it.

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