BLM Terrorists Strike Again As They Try To Murder Mayor

    Amir Aziz/

    Now that the Democrats have their crazy man in the White House, domestic terror has become commonplace in America. Joe Biden is so weak that he cannot handle international opposition, and he certainly cannot fight against the threats that Americans face every day. And one of the worst organizations to exist is the Black Lives Matter group that subscribes to Nazi-like methods of getting what they want out of people.

    Louisville, Kentucky, was the latest battleground. A BLM member took out his gun and tried to assassinate Craig Greenberg because he ran for mayor. The man that tried to assassinate him was none other than Quintez Brown. The BLM terrorist was a big favorite of Barack Obama. But once he pulled out his gun and started firing, he crossed a line and became a domestic terrorist. Brown was arrested and charged with attempted murder and several other lesser crimes.

    BLM is not an organization that fights for civil justice. They exist as an entity that seeks to topple free governments and install a satanic version of Nazism. The irony of Brown’s assassination attempt on Greenberg is that he favors gun control. His actions show why the Democrats and liberals want to control guns. They want to make sure that no one can stop them from committing gun crimes themselves. Purely selfish desires to want to be able to take what others have.

    The nasty media has even tried to pin Brown to subscribing and representing the Republican Party. They cannot admit that a group they agree with is trying to murder people. But they have committed more murders than any other group in recent years. The entire premise behind BLM is to save lives.

    The exciting part about the case is that Brown had a bail amount set that is extremely low for this crime. And Brown had BLM pay for his bail. The chances of this man appearing for his day in court is low. He will take to the shadows and never be seen again.

    BLM as an organization is a regime unto itself. They engage in illegal activity all over the country. And the national-level organization helps to fund the smaller chapters so they can commit crimes against humanity. BLM will guard Brown with everything they have because they need him to continue fighting for them and doing things that the leaders refuse to do themselves.

    BLM is so bold that they have taken to their Twitter account to defend Brown’s actions. They believe that his attempt to murder a candidate for mayor is justified. It should be noted that should an attempt be made on one of their leaders, the group would be crying for justice and certainly not defending the accused’s actions. They are the perfect hypocritical group.

    BLM used donations to bail Brown out of jail. Which is a clear violation of their charter to engage in helping improve the way people are treated by law enforcement. They have rather seen that they can try and use donated money to buy up property and bail criminals out of jail with money given to them under the guise that it would be used as stated in the donation description. Any use of designated money is a violation of the law and subject to prosecution.

    The mainstream media are shielding BLM. Instead, they would try and keep truckers from getting money donated to their cause by illegally meddling in the way the money is to be distributed.