Biden Proves He’d Rather See “Made in China” with Solar Panels

    surasak jailak/

    Every time we think that Biden might actually care about America, he does something to prove that he most certainly does not. All over the country, Americans are looking for the “Made in the USA” sticker. It’s a way to make sure that we are supporting our own economy.

    Unfortunately, it seems like more and more things have the “Made in China” sticker. And that sticker has become synonymous with everything that is bad in the world – slave labor, cheaply made products, and communism.

    If we’re ever supposed to reduce our costs as a nation, we have to look at renewable sources of energy – including solar panels. Especially since Biden shut down the pipelines, we can’t depend on oil-based sources any longer.

    There’s just one problem – American-made solar panels are nearly impossible to find. Part of that has to do with Biden exempting China from U.S. tariffs when it comes to solar panels. Basically, it means that China can manufacture solar panels for cheaper and ship them over to the U.S.

    It’s taking business away from Americans – and feeding more money into China.

    LG Electronics had a solar panel factory in Huntsville, Alabama. The South Korea-based company had no choice but to close its operations in Huntsville because foreign-made solar panels are cheaper – all thanks to Joe Biden.

    The closure of this plant means that 160 American employees are laid off and another 60 Americans who were contract workers are forced to find work elsewhere.

    Shouldn’t Biden be working on MORE American-made products instead of fewer? Every move he makes, it shows that he’s perfectly content to reside in China’s back pocket. And it’s infuriating to Americans who want to save money and support our economy – not the economy of a communist nation.

    Executives at LG said that they’re hoping to transition some of the employees into other manufacturing sectors that occur at the Huntsville location. Those who cannot transition will receive severance packages.

    When Biden made his announcement, he handed over an incredible gift to China. All foreign-made bifacial solar panels will not be subject to Section 201 tariffs. These were imposed by former President Trump in 2018 at a rate of 30 percent. It was Trump’s way of pushing the “Made in America” label.

    Clearly, Biden doesn’t care about those things.

    While the announcement includes “all foreign-made” solar panels, the reality is that the majority of them are from China.

    The Coalition for a Prosperous America (CPA) has already issued a warning that Biden’s actions on the U.S. tariffs will be devastating to the solar manufacturing sector here in America.

    And Biden had to have known that, right? He couldn’t seriously be that dense. I mean, we all know that he has dementia, but someone has to be holding his hand in the White House. It’s just further proof that he’s been swayed by the liberal left who would love to make friends with China – and handing them this kind of tariff-free treat is definitely a friendly move. It’s certainly a friendly extension that China has not earned, nor do they deserve.

    Biden caved when 12 Senate Democrats lobbied him – they sent a letter pleading that no tariffs be imposed on products made in Thailand, Malaysia, or Vietnam by the Chinese solar manufacturers.

    It’s yet another move by the Biden administration to take work away from America. Trump was on the right track to issue the tariffs. If these keep getting lifted, there won’t be any manufacturing left for America to hold onto.