Biden Continues To Create Shortages As Things Mount Up Against Him


    Trevor Bexon/

    The president is on his last leg as he tries to fix all of the terrible messes created. He has abandoned so many people that he can’t solve all his problems. And as the opponents stand outside the door, ready to take over, he continues to make decisions without considering the consequences or how to achieve the goal he has set.

    The Democrats need constant testing and numbers to justify their pandemic narrative. Without constant viral infections and death, they cannot continue hunting for freedoms to strip away. They need a virus in the air to control the general population and force as many of them as they can to rely on them for whatever protection they think they might be able to provide.

    But the one thing Biden did not count on was a shortage of COVID-19 test kits. Biden forgot to tell the person in charge of developing test kits to make more for his new variant that has mysteriously made its way onto the stage.

    His lack of leadership and ability to encourage people to work hard has led to massive shortages across the economic market. Shelves continue to lay bare, and now there are no test kits for people to buy because he failed to plan again.

    Kat Cammack is a representative from Florida. She stated that “Everything is an afterthought for the president, and there has been more of a push to follow political agendas and political science rather than actual science.” Somewhere along the line, the president has confused the type of science he is supposed to be following.

    Ron DeSantis has done the right thing ever since the pandemic first arrived on the scene. He has kept businesses open and allowed people to make decisions for themselves and handle their own healthcare needs.

    Cammack went on to point out that “You know, here in Florida, we have taken a very thoughtful, pragmatic, common-sense approach to managing the pandemic, and that includes keeping doors open while keeping people safe and keeping things available like monoclonal antibody treatment and making sure that folks have the ability to make the best decisions for themselves and their families.”

    Biden still loves to play games with critically essential situations. He fails to act, and when things get bad, he sits back and blames others and laughs as people struggle. He is not a president of the people but seeks to make life complicated and miserable for everyone.

    Biden decided to ban travel from several African countries when the Omicron variant came out. And now, a few months later, he is looking to lift those bans. He cannot make up his mind as to what to do about the messes he has created.

    Cammack poked at the flip-flop approach that the president and his socialist buddies have done. They would claim one thing and then a day later would claim the exact opposite. And if that were not enough, they would find another way to change their story again.

    The country has grown weary of the games that Biden loves to play. And now, the shortage of test kits will add fuel to the fire.

    It was found that the only reason the president lifted the travel bans was for political posturing. Biden is not the beloved favorite the Democrats hoped he would be, so now they are scrambling to find ways of giving people what they want before the midterm elections arrive.

    The president’s lack of leadership is why there are no test kits available for purchase. It comes down to the exact reason for a supply chain problem. And why people were left behind enemy lines when he suddenly decided to pull out of Afghanistan. Biden is a man that is fueled by popularity. And if he thinks that a particular decision will make him famous, he is going to engage in the activity.